Some where in a lobby , Ile-des-Soeurs Montreal

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5ft x 10ft  2009-2010-2019-2020


One thought on “Some where in a lobby , Ile-des-Soeurs Montreal

  1. this piece is titled ‘ Space ‘ 2009-10 5ftx10ft
    A space ship in a parking spot on a hill is to be a mystery. It is quiet and sits in a mood of mystery.

    Its space ship is a motif for the future to ask questions of who and what we are doing?

    then there is no person represented only traces as does the what remains from what was originally imagined portrait. In these shadows is the building and its twin building. Hidden in this map like interior/exterior landscape or *pyramidscape.

    The brightness of blue sky line and white clouds
    ” then they there when they them ” clarity and peace of mind

    This is constructed This imaginary place is a built up drawing and visualization of the imagined space between two it takes on its own hill presence.

    parking space is the subject that lead down in an under where connection was rooted.
    flows down under passages from bricks in to streams and onto the grass fields.
    inspired by the small green land that quietly sits empty in the center. This drawn and painted imaginary place stands heroic against the horizon. Intending for the message to be puzzle like \\\\\//////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\to be a place of ponder.

    the space ship is a motif for the future and is to create a mood of mystery
    where as the parking lot represents the past.
    to imagine the future one looks at both the past and present.
    Meeting place
    the between the two buildings and the space that beunders.

    Green grass fields hill sides and calm.

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